Glamping Colombia: 10 Glamping Spots That Cannot Be Missed

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By Ryan Gargiulo

Glamping is a unique way to immerse yourself in the great outdoors without depriving yourself of the contemporary comforts, luxuries and amenities that you’re accustomed to when you stay in modern accommodations.

The glamping industry has grown exponentially, attracting millennials and Gen-Z travelers worldwide, and amassing an impressive market size of 2.35 billion USD in 2022.

There are a wide variety of accommodations that are considered to be in the glamping category including:

  • Airstreams
  • Barns
  • Cabins
  • Cottages
  • Domes
  • Huts
  • Lodges
  • Pods
  • Tents
  • Tipis
  • Treehouses
  • Villas
  • Yurts

Each type is different from the others, attracting nature lovers and design enthusiasts with themed interiors inspired by indigenous cultures around the world.

For instance, modern-day yurts are inspired by the housing of the nomadic tribes of Central Asia and Mongolia, while Tipis are traced back to the lodgings of Mexican hunter-gatherers and Native American tribes.

Read on to explore the best places to go glamping in Colombia.

Best Glamping Spots in Colombia

Niddo Suesca

Niddo Suesca attracts rock climbers, hikers and adventurers with its ideal location near the Suesca Rocks, offering easy access to acres of unfiltered woodland and nature trails.

This hillside glamping retreat offers three types of accommodation: Standard Nest, Upper Nest and Nest of the Rocks.

Standard Nest and Upper Nest are Teepee-like nests with ensuite bathrooms, private fire pits and private outdoor picnic areas.

The Nest of the Rocks is a hut-shaped rock nest raised on a wooden platform, offering more space and amenities, including a campfire and a private terrace.

Guests staying at Niddo Suesca enjoy traditional mountain cuisine, guided outdoor excursions, camp workshops and yoga sessions.  

Nativo Glamping

Native Glamping boasts a tranquil, remote setting in the woodlands of Barichara, featuring 10 luxury tents, 2 native-inspired cabins and a premium suite.

Travelers can explore multiple categories to find their ideal match, including Standard Native Tent, Native Tent Suite, Native Cabin and Premium Maloca.

All units are well-equipped with king or queen-size beds, plush bedding, appliances, private bathrooms, outdoor showers and hammocks.

Some accommodations come with private terraces and outdoor space to dine and have picnics. 

The onsite El Caney Visitor Center offers lounging space with high-speed WiFi and an onsite restaurant.

Guests can sign up for guided tours, rock climbing sessions and outdoor activities at the Visitor Center.

Cabañas y Glamping KAWSAY

Cabañas y Glamping KAWSAY offers rustic cabins and glamping accommodations in Medellin’s Antioquia region, within proximity to El Poblado Park and Lleras Park.

This venue is ideal for exploring hiking and cycling trails, and adventurers can take advantage of high-end amenities, like a private Jacuzzi and BBQ equipment.

All standard accommodations come with a garden, and a private balcony or terrace, while the upgraded units feature flatscreen TVs, a functional kitchen, and an ensuite bathroom with luxury toiletries.

The bathrooms are equipped with a hot tub and the kitchen features all appliances needed to indulge one’s culinary talents, including a fridge, stovetop and cookware.

BeHappy Glamping

Located just 30 minutes from Medellin Airport (MDE), BeHappy Glamping offers leisure and business-friendly amenities with a rural setting overlooking a dense forest.

This quirky venue specializes in romantic getaways, offering 4 types of accommodations, including Twin Cabins, VIPs with firewood heating systems, and Colibrí with fully-equipped kitchens and private parking space.

BeHappy Glamping features an onsite restaurant, and each unit comes with an ensuite bathroom and a private outdoor Jacuzzi.

Guests enjoy unrestricted access to the Main House facilities, including a dining room and a reading room. The staff help travelers enjoy picnics, hiking adventures and camping in the forest.

If you’re planning on staying at BeHappy Glamping and prefer not to rent your own car, we recommend pre-booking your airport transportation from Medellin Airport in advance.

Trilogia Glamping

Trilogia Glamping welcomes nature lovers and outdoor adventurers to a scenic location in Antioquia, Medellin, offering a variety of wooden cabins decked with upscale amenities.

The mirror cabins are popular among travelers who want to wake up in the middle of the forest without concrete walls obscuring the views.

The cabins are exceptionally clean and tidy, adorned with elegant furniture, smart appliances and indoor plants.

The units come with fully-equipped kitchens featuring cookware, kitchenware and appliances to prepare homemade meals.

Guests enjoy independence and privacy, and the hosts are extremely helpful and courteous.

The remote setting is ideal for vacationers planning to embark on hiking trails, cycling adventures and forest camping.

TEVA Glamping & Retreat

A nature retreat offering luxury accommodations in Rionegro, TEVA Glamping & Retreat offers a wide selection of glamping tents, eco-friendly lodges and vacation rentals.

Guests can explore 6 luxurious tents inspired by the elements of nature: Amor, Aire, Agua, Ether, Fuego and Tierra.

The units feature innumerable appliances, minimalist furniture and ample outdoor space to enjoy picnics and nature walks.

Some units feature private patios or balconies to enjoy the mountainside scenery. Guests have access to a shared lounge, a garden and a terrace.

The onsite restaurant, Sobrenatural Rest, offers an extensive menu with American, Middle Eastern and local specialities.

Travelers enjoy complimentary breakfast each morning, featuring American, continental and vegetarian options.

Bethel Bio Luxury Hotel

Bethel Bio Luxury Hotel is a nature reserve situated in the heart of the Tatacoa Desert, Huila. 

Guests can delight themselves with high-end amenities and enjoy starry nights from lavishly appointed glamping hubs.

The hotel is inspired by a BIO concept to preserve the natural environment and ecosystem. The nature reserve features 70 glamping hubs with eco-friendly amenities, solar panels, and direct access to spring water.

Guests can browse multiple categories, including Beg Pings, Bio Eggs, Eco Cavs, and the luxurious Bethel House.

The site offers a restaurant, a swimming pool, a bar, ample parking space and numerous guided activities, including astronomical walks and horseback riding.


Located at a 1 km drive from Guatape, BOSKO positions nature lovers in the heart of a native forest, surrounded by the unfiltered wilderness.

The site offers a variety of luxury glamping units, titled Mush Rooms. Each Mush Room is designed like an igloo, erected on a floatable platform with panoramic views of Duatape Dam and the forest.

Guests can start their day with a refreshing dip in one of Bosko’s many Sky Pools, followed by a gourmet breakfast spread at the onsite restaurant.

This location is highly recommended for travelers eager to climb the iconic Piedra del Peñol and explore the town of Guatape.

Mamancana Private Games Reserve

Sprawling over 14,500 acres of forested land, the Mamancana Private Games Reserve is surrounded by the Santa Marta Snow Mountain Range.

Travelers can explore a wealth of accommodations, including cottages, huts, tents, and eco-friendly lodges.

All accommodations are designed to combine natural beauty with modern amenities and ensuite bathrooms.

Mamancana is a dreamy destination for wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts eager to discover new plant species.

This reserve is a multifunctional ecotourism project featuring resort-like amenities, including a Wellness Spa, an infinity pool, and an onsite restaurant and bar.

Guests can take advantage of the onsite spa to sign up for massages in the forest or participate in the reserve’s numerous outdoor activities.

Glamping – La montaña sagrada

La Montana Sagrada offers a central location in Medellin, within proximity to Lleras Park and Laureles Park.

This venue is ideal for sightseeing tourist attractions and exploring hiking trails, offering easy access to innumerable sites, including El Poblado Park, Explora Park, Plaza de Toros La Macarena, and Castle’s Museum.

The site features four types of glamping units: Traditional, VIP, Luxury and the Eco Suite. All units are furnished with king or queen beds, Catamaran mesh, ensuite bathrooms with open-air showers and smart appliances.

The upgraded tents offer exclusive amenities like a private jacuzzi and an outdoor area with BBQ equipment.

Lastly, if you’re not convinced that glamping is for you and you prefer to stay in hotels, be sure to check out the following recommended hotels in Medellin.

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