Pacific Coast Bicycle Trip

If you’ve been following along lately, you would know that I have put a ton of work into documenting and sharing my adventures from my recent 1,700 mile cycling trip down the Pacific Coast!
You didn’t think that this big ol’ cycling trip was yet another one of my crazy ideas, did you? As a matter of fact this whole bike trip was far from my idea. This trip was inspired by a stranger named Ben, whom I met in Nicaragua last year.

Like Ben inspired me, I hope to inspire you to do your own cycling trip at some point in your life. I advise you not to wait too long though because you know, we’re only getting older!

Trip Details:

  • Total Mileage: 1,692 mi
  • # of days it took to complete: 44
  • # of hours training for prior to the trip: 0 [yes, zero!]
  • # of miles ridden prior to the trip: 0 [yes, zero!]
  • Top Speed: 42.8 MPH [Pismo to Gaviota]
  • # of Flat tires: Ryan: 8 or 9? Will: 2!
  • # of Tunnels: 2
  • # of People who have hosted us in their homes: 7
  • # of States covered: 3 [Washington, Oregon, California]
  • # longest streak of riding days without a day off: 12
  • # of times we were ran off the road: 1 [San Francisco to Seaside, CA]
  • # of Crashes: Will: 2 [Day 1/Day 12], Ryan : 1 [Day 30]
  • # of Hospital Visits: 1 (Will) [Day 12]
  • # of visits to Inn N’ Out: 3
  • # of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches consumed: 96 [rough estimate]
  • # of times we ate Chef Boyardee cold straight out of the can: 6
  • # of new tires: Will: 2, Ryan: 2
  • Interesting Wildlife Spotted: Bald Eagle, Whale, Elk
  • Most Scenic Camp Site: Kirk Creek Campground
  • Most Scenic Days of Riding: [Day 3, Day 11,
  • Worst Night of Sleep: Camping at Humbug State Park
  • Things we craved: Will: Espresso, Ryan: Diet Pepsi
  • Biggest Climb of the Trip: Leggett, CA
  • Best Sunset: Big Sur

Over the course of our 6-week Pacific Coast Bicycle Tour I wrote 32 blog posts covering all of the details of the trip from Day 1 to Day 44. Click here to read Days 1-44.

Note:  If you have any questions regarding bicycle touring, feel free to contact me! I’m far from an expert when it comes to bicycle touring but I’m sure I could help answer a few of your questions!