Newport Beach to La Jolla


After leaving our WarmShowers host in Newport Beach we hit the road and made one last overnight stop at Will’s friend Hank’s house in La Jolla.

As soon as we pulled up to Hank’s, there was a small group of people hanging out front cheering us on and celebrating our arrival. What an incredibly nice gesture!

It was such a great feeling to know that we were now less than 30 miles from the border of Mexico.

After yesterday, which happened to be our longest day of riding (71 mi), we were both exhausted and ready to get rested up for our final day of of our tour.

Ready to Ride our final day of the tour


The following morning we awoke to a delicious home cooked breakfast. Yet another really nice thing of Hank’s family to do for us. Once we finished up eating we packed up our bikes one last time. I seriously cannot believe we’re packing up for the last time. Is this real life?

Riding our last leg of the trip

We said our goodbyes and hit the road for Mexico. Even though we had a short day of riding we still rode pedal to the medal. We flew through downtown San Diego as if we never even knew we passed through it.

We knew we would be back to see San Diego in all its glory later on in the afternoon so we simply pushed on.

Overall it was a pretty easy route to follow. Once we got close enough we could see Mexico in the distance and our excitement grew.

Mexico in the distance
Almost to mexico

We stopped a couple times to double check our directions but once we arrived at this sign we knew we had arrived.

Border of Mexico



We rode a total of 1,692 miles from Seattle, WA to the border of Mexico. In total, the tour took us a little over 6 weeks to complete.

Border of Tijuana Mexico

I cannot even begin to explain the feeling I had inside of me when we rolled up to the border of Mexico. I was so thrilled to have officially finished such a rollercoaster of a trip.

Border of Mexico Bike Tour Complete

We spent about 30 mins hanging out on the border as people crossed over the border. We laughed and joked that the people passing by us probably thought we just took a casual ride down to the border for some sightseeing today. If they only knew we had started in the state of Washington!

Once we took our photos and threw up a few high fives, it was time to hop on the trolley and head back to San Diego.

TIP: A one-way trolley ticket from Tijuana to various destinations in San Diego costs $2.50. It’s fast, efficient and extremely easy to navigate. Yes, you can take your bicycles onboard. For more info visit:

Trolley from Tijuana to San Diego

For the first time in six weeks, Will and I have parted ways. It’s sort of a weird feeling after being together day in and day out and now splitting off from each other. He’s heading back to spend some time with friends in La Jolla while I enjoy my last few days in San Diego before flying home.


Little Italy San Diego

Once we arrived in San Diego I hopped off the trolley and made my way through the Little Italy district. It really reminded me of the North End back home in Boston with all of the restaurants, pizza shops, and more.

Little Italy Inn

My home for the next few days would be at the Little Italy Inn and once I checked in I knew I had chosen the perfect location for my last few days in San Diego.

Upon check in, Mitch, the manager of the Little Italy Inn instantly made me feel as if we had been long lost friends. What a friendly guy!

He showed me to my room and for the first time on this trip I felt as if I was finally home.

Little Italy Inn Room

Once 5 o’ clock came around I spent some time down in the lobby area for the wine and cheese happy hour!

Little italy Inn happy hour

There’s nothing like snacking on some crackers and cheese while sipping wine to celebrate the completion of a 1,700 mile bike trip.

Today’s Mileage: 27 mi

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