Greece is one of the most ideal places to visit for your holiday, regardless of your budget.

There are more than six thousand beaches in the country where they are located between the two most popular seas.

The country is actually a combination of islands that make one big country — with so many options to choose from, you can easily find a destination with all the qualities you prefer. This includes if you do not want to go to the most popular destinations, which are usually crowded.

You can choose an off-the-beaten-track island, which will make your visit to the country more memorable. Your travel will be smooth mainly because there are plenty of tour companies in the country that cater to millions of tourists each year.

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After verifying that your travel and visa requirements are in order, get ready to enjoy your visit to Greece.

Here are some of the top off the beaten track destinations in Greece which you can visit at almost any time of the year.

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Kythira Island

The island is located between mainland Greek and Crete, consequently making it easily accessible.

You will enjoy walking on the white-washed lanes, which will lead you to spectacular waterfalls and gorges.

There are also some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see anywhere, therefore, making the island be regarded as among the best in the whole country.

This island has a history of being popular with conquerors, sailors, and merchants. The remains of their activities including their boats and houses are still on the island for everyone who visits to see.

The island’s historical touch is further enhanced by the idea that it is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, who was a powerful Greek goddess.

Note: The more than thirty beaches on this island are never overcrowded, even during the busy summer season and you can be sure that you’ll get to enjoy them in peace unlike destinations such as Santorini.

Don’t forget to bring a camera along with you if you want to capture the breathtaking scenery of this beautiful Greek island.


Do you remember Icarus from (childhood stories), who is the boy who made wings with wax and ‘flew almost next to the sun?’ This is his home.

Many people who choose to stay on this island report that they feel connected to its’ rich history.

This island is located north of the Aegean Sea, where weather is usually more than favorable throughout the majority of the year.

You will get an opportunity to interact with the friendly locals who will show you around and explain the island’s history. 

If you love festivals, you can be sure you will be in the right place while in Ikaria. The locals cherish their traditions, which they demonstrate by holding regular festivals.

You shall have a chance to experience the rich history of the island while at the same time having a chance to take a break from your busy schedule.

Firiplaka Beach Milos Greece


Milos is known as the land of ethereal rock, thermal springs, and more than 72 different beaches.

While becoming quite popular over the course of the last few years, Milos is a Greek island that has yet to lose its’ charm despite the hoards of tourists that land on the island each summer.

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Note: Milos is my favorite Greek island.


Serifos is an island that is considered to be one of the top off the beaten track islands in Greece.

The main town on this island is known as Hora and is artistically positioned on the side of a mountain.

The island attracts a lot of artists considering that the town looks like something out of comic books. Another outstanding characteristic of this island is the Greek history that was left behind in the town of Livadi.

For thousands of years, this is a port town that has been instrumental in connecting the island with the outside world. You can see some of the historic structures built by merchants who frequented the island. 

You can also enjoy the sunset in a secluded spot along the coast without worrying about overcrowding. One of the perks of this island being so under the radar is that due to the lack of tourism, you will have no problem swimming at the beach while leaving your valuables unattended.


This is the perfect destination for a private holiday since the island is home to approximately 400 people along with six beautiful beaches. Again, not many people frequent this island so dealing with other tourists shouldn’t be an issue.

You can also participate in other sea-related activities such as fishing or skiing, provided you have the right gear.

History is also a part of the Koufonisia Island, where archeologists found more than 350 figurines. These figurines are estimated to be from about 2500 BC.

Since there are no vehicles on the island, you get to enjoy the fresh air as you walk from point a to point b.

The majority of the local people are fishermen, and most are very friendly to those who want to explore the island.


Most people who have been to this island describe it as a perfect getaway when in Greece. From afar, the island looks like a hill rising out of the sea since it is surrounded by sea in all directions.

There are plenty of activities to take part in from morning until evening, and as a result, most people dedicate an entire day to visit the island.

Telendos is next to a ruined underwater city, which you can see clearly while standing in the right spot.

Don’t miss learning about the history of this island and the ruins that were left behind long ago.

If interested, there are guides available that will be happy to explain more about the history of the island.

The beaches on Telendos are especially ideal during the summer, where you can spend the whole day basking in the sun. As time goes on, you will have a chance to watch the sunset in the horizon where you can also take beautiful pictures. 

Sunset from Leros


Leros has it all. From fishing villages to beautiful beaches, windmills and more.

The Italian touch is brought about by the fact that Italians had captured the island during World War II. Consequently, Mussolini tried to introduce the Italian culture on the island.

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